International Travel Health Insurance Tips

When you are traveling around the world these days there is
a lot you need to be concerned with. International travel
health Insurance is one of them. When you travel
internationally you never know what can happen to you, but
you need to prepare for the unexpected.

The first thing you should do is take a good look at your
current health insurance. Many people assume that because
they have health coverage at home, they are covered in other
countries. That’s just not the case part of the time. Even
if your current health insurance does cover some medical
treatments, it is likely they aren’t covering everything.
So, take a good look at your health insurance. Read all the
fine print and if you still aren’t sure call the company
up. If the first person you talk to doesn’t sound like they
know answer, then ask to talk to someone who knows.

If your health insurance does cover international care, then
it may have a time limit. Thirty days is a common limit on
care for international travel health insurance. Again, you
want to make sure on this because if you get special
insurance for international travel, you don’t want to get
duplicate insurance.

If you are going on adventure type of trip, then you need to
have coverage for medevac. Medevac is short for medical
evacuation, such as using helicopters evacuate from some
remote area. I remember when I was last in Yosemite Park in
California, the Park Ranger said it can cost the mountain
climbers $20,000 if they get stuck and need a helicopter to
rescue them! In fact I have heard of some emergency
evacuations costing close to $100,000! Can you imagine
getting hurt, not having insurance, needing emergency
evacuation and then having to pay that amount of money? That
would certainly make my trip less enjoyable.

If for some reason you become very ill and need to stay in a
hospital for an extended period the current health insurance
you have may not cover you for a longer period.

If you are a senior citizen, it’s important to note that
Medicare doesn’t cover you abroad.

According to the U.S. Center For Disease Control and
Prevention half of U.S. travelers abroad will have some sort
of health problem.

There are many types of international travel insurance
plans. There are short term international travel health
insurance plans, there are long term travel health insurance
plans and there are plans that deal with non medical issues.
These issues may be non medical to begin with but they can
make you feel sick later. An example of non medical travel
insurance is trip cancelation for international travel.

Another factor in all this is to find low cost international
travel health insurance or non medical health insurance that
still offers good coverage. Remember to carefully compare
the policy and do some research. Try to find testimonials
and look for any bad reviews of insurance plans. Preparing
well can make the all the difference.

Benefits of International Travel Insurance for Students

Every year a huge number of students go to study abroad and student travel insurance plans are an integral part of their preparations. At the time of travelling, you can never completely push aside the probability of loss or damage of property and important documents, and the student insurance plans currently offer complete protection against such incidents with their affordable international students travel insurance plans. These travel cover plans for student are of many different types and you can buy insurance for the journey or also go for a plan that offers complete protection throughout the period of studying abroad.

There are a number of banks both from the public and the private sector that offer student travel cover along with their student education loans for overseas. People availing both these facilities are often charged a lower interest rate. If you are contemplating of studying abroad against an educational loan it is always a better choice to seek insurance for a career that is approved with the bank. Compared to other kinds of travel health insurance policies, international travel insurance plans for students are found to attract lower premiums and often include health insurance benefits for the entire duration too.

A good way of finding attractive student travel cover policies is to look for and comparing them online. Most of the major insurance carriers have made their travel medical insurance plans available online. You can also use their online insurance calculators to compare the rate of premium for different policies. But whenever you buy an international travel assurance plan, make sure that they cover even the worst of the situations and nothing can be of better priority than the safety and protection against all unwanted incidents during all those years that you study abroad.

There is another type of student travel insurance available that allows a student to insure his vacation to an international destination. Compared to travel assurance plans for ordinary citizen student’s insurance plans for students are less expensive and cover almost everything including loss of baggage and important documents, financial inconvenience due to flight cancellation or other incidents for which the policy holder is not responsible in any way and also for extensive medical assistance during the whole duration of ravel.

Depending on the area you are travelling and the coverage you seek, the cost of international travel insurance for students will vary considerably, including the terms and conditions for paying the premiums. Travelling to different countries for receiving an education and the encompassing facilities they provide for travelling to international destinations are considered as a way of promoting practical education. You can always find a policy as per your specific requirements, but it is natural that a few individuals possess the essential knowledge and expertise for finding the best for them. Thus, it is always wise to seek help from a professional insurance advisor, so that you never lose out on any important aspect or benefit of the plan.

5 Tips To Help You Keep Your Conveyor Chains Operational

Conveyor chains are used to drive different types of conveyor units and use different types of power transmission. If you want to get the most out of your equipment, make sure you maintain them. This is even more important if they are installed in the mining and construction industry. Given below are a few tips that can help you ensure your conveyor chains will continue to work properly.

1. Follow the Maintenance Schedule

First of all, you may want to inspect and service them to ensure proper alignment, lubrication and tension. If inspected on a regular basis, they can last up to 15,000 hours. It’s better if you schedule filter and oil changes every 3 months. On the other hand, the cleaning of bigger parts, such as shafts, machine lubrication and replacement of damaged or worn sprockets and sideplats should be done on an annual basis.

Following the maintenance schedule is paramount, especially if you have installed the conveyor chains in the construction and mining industry.

2. Lubricate Wisely

For smooth operation, conveyor drives and chains should be free of moisture and dust. Most of these systems require petroleum-based oil. It’s not a good idea to opt for heavy greases and heavy oils. The reason is that they are overly stiff and can’t lubricate the system properly. Given below are some common ways of lubricating the conveyor chains. Some of them are listed below:

Stream lubrication
Disk lubrication
Drip lubrication
Manual lubrication

Based on the power and chain speed, the right method can be used. For reducing wear and tear and enjoying all the benefits, it’s important that you lubricate the system properly.

3. Get Heat-Treated Parts

Heat treatment can be used to improve the mechanical components. Therefore, manufacturers control the treatment methods for best results. In other words, to reduce wear and tear, it’s important to perform proper heat treatment.

Case hardness and depth are the two primary parts of component heat transfer. This plays a great role as far as resistance and durability is concerned. If the depth is too much, the parts may break while working due to brittleness.

4. Make sure there is Proper Alignment and Tension

Make sure you check the slack span and chain tension, and perform the required maintenance. If you need to reduce the tension, you can eliminate two pitches and then connect the chain again. However, you may need to replace the entire chain if the wear and tear goes beyond the functional limits.

Also, you may not want to connect new chains to the worn one as it can damage the drive. Misaligned sprockets can also cause the link plates of the roller chain to get a lot of wear and tear.

5. Check the Primary Parts

Typically, conveyor chains have two main parts that go through wear and tear: sprockets and chain. Chain stretching happens due to this very reason and results in the complete replacement of the sprockets and chain.

Therefore, you should inspect conveyor chains for any broken parts, deformation and cracks.

In short, these are the tips you can follow to maintain your roller chains.